Can't Afford LeadPages™? Here's How I 'Fake It' With Squarespace & Mailchimp

Simulate the LeadPages experience on your site! Stock photo from  @RekitaNicole

Simulate the LeadPages experience on your site! Stock photo from @RekitaNicole

I was recently talking to a friend who is just getting started on her entrepreneurial journey, and is planning out her website. She told me “I feel like I NEED LeadPages™ to even get started.” Let me tell you that this is a widely-held misconception, and it's not true!

For those of you who don’t know what LeadPages™ is, it’s a paid software that makes it super easy to create landing pages for your webinars and freebies, and makes it simple for your subscribers to share that content. It’s quite an investment at $25 a month for the cheapest package, and you pay the whole year up front. It’s an awesome system used by most of the popular entrepreneurs and coaches out there.

For those who aren’t making big money just yet, Lead Pages may be out of reach, but I’m here to tell you that you can still create a beautiful, awesome user experience, similar to Lead Pages without the price tag. My theory is: if you can’t afford it, then just get started, so you can make money and afford it ASAP! I’m going to show you how I ‘fake it’ using Squarespace and Mailchimp.



One of my favorite aspects of LeadPages™ is the LeadBoxes™ feature. Basically, it allows you to have a “CLICK ME” button for your freebie, which pops up into a subscription form box for people to enter their email address. I’ve heard many online marketing gurus say that people are more likely to subscribe when they click a “Download Me” button that pops up into a form, instead of seeing the form that asks for their email address and name outright. In fact, Lead Pages says the conversion rate is up to 30% higher when using a button and Lead Box.

There is a little-known Squarespace function that mimics this, and it’s called a lightbox form. Click the button below to see the lightbox, and sign up for my Bombshell Brand 5-Day mini-course while you’re at it!

This is compared with a simple newsletter block that immediately signals viewers that you’re going to be asking for their email address.

So how do you create a lightbox form in Squarespace? Simply insert a form block on your page, and hit the “Advanced” tab. If you scroll down to the very bottom, you will see the option to enable lightbox mode. Need a video tutorial? Subscribe below for the full mini-training on Faking Lead Pages with Squarespace!

Squarespace Form Block

Squarespace Form Block

Subscriber “Thank You” Pages

You may notice that after you sign up for a webinar or freebie from a LeadPages customer, you are sent to a “Thank You” page that makes it very easy to share the content with your friends and followers. This is how you facilitate a viral response to your offers, by encouraging a LOT of sharing. In the example below, to of my faves: Mariah from Femtrepreneur and Melyssa from The Nectar Collective have a very personalized “Thank You” page with share links.

From  Mariah  and  Melyssa !   :-)

From Mariah and Melyssa!  :-)

Not only are the share links prominently placed, but they already have an example “tweet” text in the box that pops up, so subscribers don’t even have to think about what they’re going to say in the tweet they share. Pretty cool, huh? Well, the way I pull this off is by using a “Cover Page” on Squarespace. These easy-to-customize templates allow you to include an image, some text and “Call to Action” buttons in a nice, responsive way. You can see my “Thank You” page for my Brand Breakthrough Course here.

You will notice that I have share buttons for Facebook and Twitter, just like the Lead Pages Template. If you click on the Twitter button, you will see that I have a suggested tweet ready for my new subscriber to share out. So how do I get the tweet link to work? I use a service called “Click to Tweet” this allows you to type up a suggested tweet and get a special link that will generate that tweet for anyone who clicks it.

So you may be wondering: how do I re-direct my subscribers to a “Thank You” page, instead of the default email confirmation page that Mailchimp generates? This is quite simple, and can be done in your Mailchimp account.

1.         Click “Lists” in the top panel

2.         Select the Mailing list you want this to work for

3.         Select “Signup Forms” above your list

4.         Select “General Forms

5.         Click the grey drop down menu, and select “Confirmation Thank You Page”

6.         You’ll see an option that says “Instead of showing this thank you page, send subscribers to another URL”

7.         Paste in the link to your custom Thank You page

Having this page will help deliver a personalized, branded experience, and encourage sharing for your new subscribers. I generate the Facebook link using this Link Generator tool.


Webinar Pages

Another great tool from lead pages is the webinar page. A very simple, straightforward page with a video, a chat box and a ‘call to action’ button for people to buy your offer. Here’s a secret: making a page like this in Squarespace is easy as can be!

All you need is the YouTube link that Google Hangouts provides you for your live broadcast. I explain this process in detail in my bonus video training (sign up below.) You embed it in Squarespace usine the "video" content block. You create a chat box using a tool like Chatango. They will give you an embed code that you can place in the site. In between the video and the chat, I place a standard Squarespace button that links to your offer. And that’s it! You could honestly set up your whole webinar page in 15 minutes!

I hope this post was able to show you how to create an awesome, branded and share-worthy opt-in experience similar to the premium LeadPages service. If you think you need a little video instruction, sign up for my video training, where I take you step-by step through these tips!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, or maybe you have some hacks that you use to simulate the Lead Pages experience. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Anjelica Dezel

Anjelica is a web designer & luxe brand strategist. I help female entrepreneurs ditch the website shame and build a brand that sells out their high end packages!