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ABout This Project

My latest site design project has me feeling like I just stepped off the plane from a Parisian vacation! Genevieve Muwana is a business coach who lives in the UK, but is a true Francophile at heart!

In fact, her name isn't just Gen-a-veeve like my fellow Americans pronounce it, it's Jahn-vee-evv-- which has a certain je ne sais quoi, does it not? I think I'm going to find myself pronouncing it that way from here on out!

Genevieve came to me looking for a luxe, feminine website reminiscent of the grand Versailles palace in France. Think royalty, dripping in gold, diamonds and opulence. Good thing that's my specialty!

Starting with our Pinterest moodboard collaboration, it became very clear how I would proceed with the branding. I started pinpointing luxurious script fonts that you might see on a wedding invitation, and structured display fonts that you might see in a fashion magazine.

I put together 4 logo concepts that really reflected the moodboard.. and Gen chose #2! For me, It was a tie between #2 and #3 for me, but I think she picked the right one in the end!

After choosing a logo, I put together a Style guide that reflected the royal purple and gold, and the typography to match the logo. From there, it was time to get into the site design!

We decided that Squarespace would be the best route to go for the site design. Many of my clients don't want to spend a lot of time dealing with maintenance on their site after the design process is done, and Squarespace definitely fits the bill!

I used my new favorite template, Horizon. I'd say this is one of the more advanced templates, and has fewer limitations to it. Horizon allows you to create full-width sections, with any background you want, and add any content you want inside those sections.

Other templates limit you to just adding simple text to the full width sections, so the creative freedom was amazing to have on this project!


You can check out Gen's full design at, she is an awesome woman who exudes the luxe business mindset. My favorite kind of client!

Anjelica Dezel

Anjelica is a web designer & luxe brand strategist. I help female entrepreneurs ditch the website shame and build a brand that sells out their high end packages!