9 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Periscope Broadcasts

Periscope is quickly becoming my favorite social media site, because it takes interactivity to the next level, on top of that, Periscopers are providing so much value and tips, that this goodness needs to be preserved forever!

For those of you who haven't discovered the magic of Periscope yet, Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to broadcast from anywhere at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. The app is owned by Twitter, and it's super new! Many people started hopping on in July of this year. The broadcaster is able to interact with viewers through their comments, and the viewers can tap the screen to give hearts as a show of approval. The hearts stream along the side of the broadcast, adding a warm and fuzzy feeling to Periscope.

This app has quickly become a hotbed for brilliant entrepreneurs offering free value and live feedback to anyone who wants to learn. It's made an amazing difference in my own visibility for my business. I recently did a Periscope about simulating the LeadPages experience on your website, if you can't afford it. This all stemmed from a Periscope broadcast from 2 days before. That's when I realized: I'm putting all this content out, and just letting it sit there without sharing it with non-Periscopers! That LeadPages blog post is now the 2nd most visited page on my blog, and got me 30 new email subscribers in 1 day! That's when I knew I needed to start finding ways to re-puropse these Periscopes to help grow my business!

Periscope broadcasts are only accessible for 24 hours, and then they're gone from the app forever! That's a lot of value down the drain if you aren't finding ways to re-purpose these gems! This post will show you 9 core ways to do that, and maybe a few bonuses, if I'm feeling generous! Feel free to watch this in Periscope form, if you're more visual:

1. Sign up for a katch.me account

This is the first step to making your scopes last forever! Katch.me automatically saves your Periscopes into embeddable videos that you can continue sharing long after they expire on the app. If you don't already have a Katch account, do it RIGHT NOW! No more awesome content disappearing into the wind!

2. Post scopes to Facebook groups


Up next, we've heard it so many times: you should be posting in Facebook groups! I am in a mind-boggling number of Facebook groups, and I always see other entrepreneurs posting things: from the most mundane topics, to super valuable posts and links. What could be more valuable than your best scopes? If you have a particularly good scope, share it with the class, missy! I find that the response from other group members is great for this!

3. Add your periscopes to your social automation & Twitter posts (don’t post just once!)

When you broadcast on Periscope, it is automatically posted to your Twitter page. But guess what: the ONLY people who see that tweet are the people who are on twitter that time. This is very important: ALL of your content should be posted MULTIPLE times on Twitter. Social automation tools like Buffer, Edgar, Hootsuite and CoSchedule help bloggers to automate their sharing, and continue to send out old posts even months after they were first published. Your Katch.me broadcasts should be included in this. Continue to share them long after the first broadcast, at varied times of the day.

4. Put an announcement bar on your website for recent scopes

Take a look at the top bar of my site: That's an Announcement Bar! Squarespace allows you to add an announcement bar to your site, and link it to whatever you want. I recently started pushing people towards my katch.me page, because they can really see my personality, and more of the value that I offer. It's a good way to turn visitors into raving fans! For Wordpress users, there are lots of notification bar plugins including Hello Bar and WP Front!


5. Put a Periscope image + link in your sidebar

Just like the announcement bar, make your blog's sidebar work for you. Create a branded graphic that can fit in your sidebar, and give people the option to visit your Katch.me page and view your past Perisopes! 


6.Write a blog post with the Scope embedded (use good past scopes!)

If you already had a Katch.me account, you probably have a goldmine of old scopes that are not being shared nearly enough! Go back through your broadcasts, and see if any of them inspire new blog posts. For example: I Periscoped about Twitter cards, but then I never thought to to a blog post about it, until someone commented that they really enjoyed that scope! So look through your past scopes, and get inspired! Remember to embed the Periscope into the blog post, so people can see you on video!


7. Link to scopes when they're relevant to a sentence 

Sometimes I tend to ramble on and on when I start talking about business. I get so passionate about these things! Well, that rambling can come in handy, because it gives you the opportunity to reference Periscopes that may be relevant to what you're talking about. For example: in my Free Bombshell Brand Makeover Mini Course, I reference the importance of finding your "why" in business, While I'm talking about that in the course, I remembered that I had a very excited scope on the day that I revealed my "why" in a Facebook group, and got such an amazing response from people. So even though "Day 1" of the course isn't about that scope, I still found a good reason to share it, because it was relevant to the topic!


Especially in Facebook groups, people ask a lot of questions that have been asked before. If you want to be helpful, give them a quick answer, but also link to a Periscope that you did about the topic (if it exists.) For example, maybe someone wants to know how to figure out what Wordpress theme someone is using on their site. Well I did a scope about that a few weeks past, so I would point them to the replay on my Katch.me. Not only will that person get your helpful answer, but so will anyone else who comes across the feed will see it, as well! Also, remember that commonly-asked questions are good ideas for Periscope topics in the future!


9. Send YOUR best scopes to Your email list

If you're struggling to find things to send to your email subscribers-- consider your Periscopes. Perhaps you did a really good one this week, or maybe you just got finished with a good series of scopes on a certain topic. Take that opportunity to introduce your subscribers to Periscope, encourage them to follow you, and they even get a preview of your style by watching you on Katch! Remember that everyone on Periscope now is considered an "early adopter." There are millions of folks out there who don't know what it is yet, and a lot of those people are on your list! Let's spread the word and make this Periscope thing really BIG!

BONUS TIP: PIN your scopes into info graphics!

I am a lover of pretty things, so as I was compiling this list of tips, of course I had to make the list all pretty! That's when it hit me: this would be a great infographic for Pinterest! Infographics get re-pinned a lot because they offer a "quick win" without having to read an entire blog post. People who want to hear more will click through, and see what you have to offer! Here's my infographic below. Feel free to re-pin it if you'd like! My handy SumoMe share buttons make it super easy for you to post my images to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

extra bonus: post periscope snippets to instagram!

Katch has an option for you to download your Periscopes, which means you can edit them as you please. Instagram allows you to upload 15 second videos, and Instagram Ads allow 30 seconds! The possibilities are really endless, here. You could put together short videos showing you giving value on Periscope or a particularly fun or funny moment during your scope so the non-scopers can see what a rocking party we have going on over here!

That was the final tip, from me, but new ideas on sharing Periscope are coming to me every day! Do you have any suggestions? Let me know below! Also, I'd love for you to share this out to your friends and followers so we can keep this scope party going! Ahem! I even wrote the tweet out for you, click the button below to share!

Anjelica Dezel

Anjelica is a web designer & luxe brand strategist. I help female entrepreneurs ditch the website shame and build a brand that sells out their high end packages!