Web Design: Nielle Branding




Jhenielle is an experienced marketing professional who currently lends her expertise at a Fortune 500 company. She decided to expand her reach to local business owners in her city of Atlanta, thus Nielle Branding was born.

The newly-minted boutique branding agency helps small business owners harness their marketing efforts and grow their business using proven strategies.

The inspiration behind her brand mood and colors was quite familiar-- and very similar to her own beautiful wedding in Summer 2015. I happened to be in attendance, and may have shed a tear or two!

The brand features rich navy blues accented with gold foil and olive green. She also wanted her fun-loving, yet professional style to shine through, which is brought through in polka dot and chevron accents. Click here to check it out!

Anjelica Dezel

Anjelica is a web designer & luxe brand strategist. I help female entrepreneurs ditch the website shame and build a brand that sells out their high end packages!