Are you ready to take your business graphics to the next level using the industry’s flagship design software?

You’ve watched endless YouTube tutorials, but still don’t know the difference between a clipping mask and an unsharp mask.

Maybe you’ve finally gotten a basic understanding of Photoshop, but you don’t know how to create eye-catching, feminine graphics that you see on social media.

Introducing: The Luxe Photoshop Masterclass!

A guided workshop to building high-end, luxe graphics in Photoshop!


Learn how I create unique, eye-catching graphics like THESE in Photoshop!

We'll Cover:

photoshop basics

We'll start by getting acquainted with the Photoshop software. If the interface looks like a Star Trek motherboard to you right now, I'll show you how to use the awesome tools to create luxe graphics!


It's time you created some standardized graphics that highlight your brand in a consistent, branded way. I'll show you how I create my graphics, sized for each social platform!

moodboard & style guide

Having consistent branding is half the battle. I'll give you the style guide and moodboard templates that I actually use in my business, and we'll put them together LIVE on the workshop!


Want to know how to create eye-catching website headers? Maybe you want to make gold text -- or gold ANYTHING? Maybe you want to made edits to your photos for a perfect finish! I'm teaching it all. And you will be able to ask your questions LIVE on the workshop!

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